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KWS Manufacturing is a company that specializes in manufacturing bulk material handling equipment. The company has decided to put its components catalog online on the TraceParts CAD- content platform. A judicious choice to boost sales and make savings while giving greater visibility to its products. 

High-quality solutions for bulk material transport 

KWS Manufacturing is known for designing and producing high-quality screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and other bulk material handling solutions. These types of equipment are commonly used in various industries. The company specifically targets the following sectors: pulp/paper, rendering/animal processing, chemical manufacturing, battery manufacturing/recycling, food products, wood & lumber, environmental, and wastewater. 


The transition to TraceParts: a strategic move 

KWS Manufacturing took the strategic decision to put its CAD components online a long time ago, but after experiencing a competing solution, they turned to TraceParts for a privileged partnership. 

Why TraceParts? 

  • TraceParts offered KWS Manufacturing a more cost-effective model, charging for the actual download rather than the visualization of CAD models. This profitability enabled the company to better manage its expenses. 
  • TraceParts also provided improved reporting capabilities, giving KWS Manufacturing better insights into user interactions with their CAD files. 
  • One of the pivotal reasons for choosing TraceParts was the platform’s ability to capture leads from CAD models downloaded. This feature proved invaluable for KWS’s marketing team in generating more leads and driving potential sales opportunities. 
  • At last, the platform enabled KWS to easily syndicate their CAD models out to their distributor partners, facilitating seamless integration and access to their product data. 

We are excited to partner with Traceparts and we are looking forward to seeing the impact on our business. We converted our CAD catalog from another vendor because of the improved reporting, better billing model, and the ease of syndicating the CAD models out to our distributor partners. The Traceparts partnership should result in more leads and ultimately more sales.

Trey Elledge, Sales Operations Manager at KWS Manufacturing

This privileged partnership has brought a multitude of benefits, driving KWS to even greater success. Through this collaboration with TraceParts, KWS Manufacturing has exploited the power of online CAD catalogs to improve its business operations and consolidate its position as an industry leader. 

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