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For manufacturers and distributors of industrial components, adaptability, and accessibility are the keys to success. Morton Machine Works, a well-known player in the field of machine components and fasteners, understands this. Find out in this article how this initiative fits in with their vision and benefits engineers and designers in a variety of sectors. 


About Morton Machine Works 

Adjustable handles, knobs, thumb screws, washers, and clamping components – a multitude of machine components and fasteners manufactured by Morton are now available to engineers and designers on in over 70 CAD formats.   

Their products are used by OEMs worldwide, whether they are integral parts of new machines or replacements for existing ones. Partnerships with leading industrial distributors such as McMaster Carr Supply, MSC Direct, and Fastenal have long been the cornerstone of their business. However, a growing segment of their sales comes from direct interactions with OEMs and end-users in sectors such as metalworking, aerospace, oil and gas, medical, defense, and automotive.

Innovation: Morton’s Adjustable T-Handle unveiled 

Morton Machine Works has unveiled their latest innovation: the Adjustable T-Handle product line, a remarkable enhancement of an already exceptional product. This new handle design improves durability along with a contoured handle that’s easier to grip. Also, the smaller handle radius is more compact, and the flat handle design allows it to work better in tight-space applications.

Morton’s CAD model strategy 

The decision to make their CAD models readily accessible is not just a step forward; it’s a strategic leap that aligns with their growth objectives. This move addresses several critical aspects of their business: 

  • Meeting customer expectations  

Morton Machine Works constantly receives requests for CAD models, either through email or at the various trade shows they participate in annually. Previously, CAD models for roughly 60% of their product line were accessible through their website via ThomasNet, a TraceParts partner. 

  • Empowering Engineers worldwide 

The online availability of their components and CAD models is a game-changer for engineers and designers worldwide. Morton Machine Works recognizes that the growth of their business is intricately tied to having their products “specked” into equipment designs. Providing easily downloadable CAD models in a readily available format serves as a win-win for all parties involved. Thanks to, Morton CAD models are now accessible to over 5 million users worldwide. 

  • Reaching a broader market 

We have been aware of TraceParts for several years. With the partnership between ThomasNet and TraceParts, we were introduced to the services and benefits of reaching a broader market with the network of TraceParts users.

David Boyer, President at Morton Machine Works

CAD models on 

By offering CAD models in a readily available format via the platform, Morton Machine Works opens doors for designers who might not yet be familiar with their products. This broader product exposure, combined with easy downloads, meets customer needs while providing practical solutions.  

Morton’s aim is also to develop their sales. Indeed, by publishing these models on the content platform, the company offers engineers and designers easy access to their CAD models, enabling them to integrate these components into their projects simply and seamlessly, and to request quotations. 

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