Promoting transparency in the online advertising market: TraceParts celebrates its 10-year membership of the IVW 

For 10 years, has been the world’s first and only CAD product data platform to obtain IVW certification (as of January 1, 2023)

TraceParts, a world-leading CAD-content platform, can take great pride from its 10-year membership of the IVW, the German Audit Bureau of Circulation. The IVW is a renowned independent auditing organization that measures and publishes the reach and use of advertising media in Germany. 

After passing the IVW audit, TraceParts became the world’s first and only IVW-certified CAD product data platform over 10 years ago on December 1, 2012. Certification demonstrates that TraceParts is committed to ensuring transparency and providing verifiable service evidence to its B2B advertising customers in the display advertising sector. 

“Several renowned B2B customers in industry apply three criteria when choosing an agency and a platform for their advertising media, i.e. performance, transparency and optimal budget allocations. Transparency is exactly where IVW certification allows us to build trust and stand out from the other companies in the market who haven’t been certified by the IVW,”

explains Christian Baumgärtner, Managing Director of TraceParts GmbH.

It is also worth pointing out that is currently the first and only CAD-content platform to undergo and pass the IVW’s audit procedure (as of January 1, 2023).

“As a long-standing player in the advertising market with over 20 years’ experience in B2B marketing for industry, we thought it would be only logical to enlist an independent and neutral third party to confirm the key display advertising figures published in the print and online media.
Thanks to our IVW membership, our customers and other interested parties have access to real and irrefutable proof of performance concerning our reach and usage data.
The bottom line is that a professional in the digital economy can no longer get away with sending out glossy brochures peddling key figures that probably wouldn’t stand up to an independent audit,”

adds Christian Baumgärtner.

The process of acquiring measured values is now improved by working alongside the IVW’s technical service provider and involves cookieless data collection. This will quickly eliminate any inaccuracies in the measurement data, meaning that the stated values are currently less than what they really are. At the present time, website traffic is only recorded if visitors have previously consented to the use of browser cookies. 

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Stefan Kolb

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