Satech chooses to publish its CAD models  

Satech, a company that specializes in industrial protection and machine safety solutions, is pursuing its objective of continuous improvement by making CAD models of its products available to design offices on the content platform.  

Satech: a dynamic industrial protection partner   

As a manufacturer of machine guard systems, Satech sees itself as a dynamic partner, offering not only quality products complying with European and international standards, but also tailor-made solutions adapted to the specific needs of each customer.  

The company targets a diverse range of customers, from machine manufacturers to production line designers and industrial robot integrators. Their reach extends to all industrial sectors, from packaging to steelmaking to the food industry. The key to their success has been their ability to offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry, to ensure optimum protection for machines and operators.  

July 2023 marked the start of a new era for Satech with the launch of their enhanced product range. Thanks to an innovation-driven approach, the company has redesigned its protection systems by reducing the number of components, thereby improving efficiency and the user experience. One of the main advances has been the significant reduction in installation time, responding to the demands of the modern market where speed and efficiency are crucial.  


The quest for continuous improvement: from specific requests to putting CAD models online  

Over the years, Satech has seen a growing demand for CAD models from its customers. From the outset, the company has adopted AutoCAD as an essential tool in designing its protection systems. Recognising their customers’ needs, they supplied CAD models on request using the same tool, but not systematically.  

Continuous improvement is a fundamental value at Satech that drives our constant evolution. As part of the process of renewing their product range, the company made a strategic decision to make complete models of their components available online. This move is designed to meet the growing needs of design offices.  

Making the components available online is not just an operational decision, but part of a wider approach aimed at facilitating access to the necessary resources for professionals in the sector. Customers, designers, and engineers can now access CAD models quickly and easily, boosting the efficiency and speed of their design processes.  

TraceParts: The perfect partner for Satech  

Satech’s decision to choose TraceParts is based on a deep conviction: in this sector, service is what really makes the difference. The company is convinced that working with a market leader is essential if it is to offer a service that can live up to expectations. This collaboration is part of a move to consolidate existing customer relationships while opening up new opportunities using TraceParts’ extensive audience.  

Working with TraceParts has been one of our main objectives for years. The launch of our new product range was the perfect opportunity to take the next step and integrate our offer into a professional database that targets a quality audience. We aim to make designers’ jobs easier by providing them with CAD models of our components and contributing to faster, more accurate design of peripheral protection. Our objectives are clear: to improve our customers’ experience and strengthen our position as the industry standard in machine safety. Our interaction with TraceParts has been exceptional right from the start. It’s a natural partnership, and we look forward to seeing the positive results of this collaboration in the future!

Giovanni Camusso, Sales and Marketing Director at Satech

By deciding to put their CAD models on the TraceParts platform, Satech is responding to its customers’ growing need for CAD models, providing its customers with rapid access to product data and gaining greater visibility within the global industrial design community.  

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