TraceParts 2023: With 366,000 registrants, including 196,000 opt-in contacts, it was a remarkable year  

Established in 2001, TraceParts has become a leading CAD content platform for engineers and designers. Today, the company provides over 5 million professionals with easy access to CAD models and technical data for products in all sectors of industry, and is continuing to grow. A closer look at registrations in 2023.  

Growth in the number of registrants  

In 2023, TraceParts had 366,000 new registrants, compared with 354,000 the previous year. A new record that demonstrates the growing interest in the platform.   

The year 2023 stands out not only for its increase in the number of registrations, but also for the significant rise in the number of opt-in contacts. In fact, of the 366,000 new registrants in 2023, 196,000 users have actively chosen to receive other communications (that’s 53% of new registrants), allowing them to be targeted using TraceParts’ digital marketing solutions. This is a remarkable jump compared to 2022, when there were 150,000 opt-in users. The number of opt-in contacts among new registrants rose by 30% between 2022 and 2023.   

This increase reflects the level of user engagement and demonstrates the community’s interest in staying up-to-date with the latest developments, resources and opportunities within the industry.

An opt-in contact is a user who has given explicit consent to receive communications, particularly marketing communications. Specifically, this means that you, component manufacturers and distributors, players in rapid prototyping and 3D printing, CAD/CAM/CAE/electronic CAD software publishers and hardware suppliers, can communicate directly with this target audience via TraceParts’ digital marketing solutions.  

Breakdown of opt-in contacts in 2023  

As already noted, the steady growth in the number of subscribers to the CAD content platform has been accompanied by a significant increase in the number of opt-in contacts. This positive development, the result of the constant renewal of the TraceParts database, offers new opportunities for your marketing campaigns. By regularly updating its database, TraceParts can enrich your access to new contacts, creating new potential targets for your marketing campaigns.   

Moreover, thanks to the wide range of segmentation criteria available, you can target your customers precisely, enabling you to adapt your marketing strategy in a more personalised and therefore more effective way. Maximise the impact of your campaigns and the commitment of your target audience by asking our experts for advice.  

Opt-in contacts in 2023 breaks down as follows:   

Top 5 by country   

  1. United States  of America  
  2. France
  3. China
  4. Germany
  5. India

Top 4 by Job  

  1. Technician, Drafter  , Designer
  2. Engineer, Executive, Manager   
  3. CEO, Managing Director, Owner 
  4. Self-employed   

Top 5 by department  

  1. Design & engineering office  
  2. Technology  
  3. Research & development  
  4. Manufacturing, production  
  5. Maintenance & repair  

Top 5 by language   

  1. English  
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Chinese

Top 5 by field of activity

  1. Engineering    
  2. Mechanical   
  3. Automation   
  4. Machinery   
  5. Automotive   

Top 5 by interest  

  1. Mechanical CAD   (MCAD)
  2. Purchased parts (specs, sourcing, 3D models) 
  3. 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, Prototyping, 3D Scanning 
  4. Electronic and Electrical CAD (ECAD, PCB, EDA)   
  5. CAM, CNC, Machining   

In conclusion, the 366,000 new contacts recorded in 2023, including 196,000 opt-in contacts, testify to the continued growth of the TraceParts user community. This constant expansion provides an invaluable opportunity to extend your reach to new potential customers. These remarkable results also illustrate the confidence placed in by millions of engineers and designers, who see the platform as a valuable content resource for increasing their productivity in the design of industrial machinery and equipment.   

Find out how we can help you reach all of the engineers and designers registered on our platform and achieve your marketing objectives by downloading our MediaKit:  

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Marlène Renard
Marlène Renard

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