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VacMotion Chooses TraceParts 3D Product Catalog for its Vacuum Automation Related Equipment

13-05-2020 Ivana Majić

CINCINNATI, OHIO and PLYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS USA (May 13, 2020) – VacMotion, manufacturer of vacuum automation equipment, has chosen TraceParts to promote its CAD models to millions of engineer-designers all over the world. A large selection of VacMotion’s products such as Flat Vacuum Cups, Bellow Vacuum Cups, and Silicone Bellow Vacuum can be found on the TraceParts […]

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Enidine Product Catalog Available on TraceParts CAD Content Platform

05-05-2020 Ivana Majić

CINCINNATI, OHIO and ORCHARD PARK, NY USA (May 5, 2020) – Enidine, a manufacturer of energy absorption, vibration isolation, and motion control solutions, has partnered with TraceParts to publish its 3D product catalog. Enidine’s ECO OEM Small Bore and OEMXT Mid-Bore Adjustable Series Shock Absorbers can now be found on the TraceParts CAD content platform.   […]

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Understanding The Digital Thread

04-05-2020 David Pike

It is hard to move in the industrial world today without becoming confused by the new phrases that are being used.  From Industry 4.0 to the Digital Transformation, it seems that people are talking about data and computers more than the manufacturing of products. There is a good reason for this new language.  The industrial […]

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How a Website Redesign fit into your Digital Marketing Strategy?

28-04-2020 Krunoslav Rašić

A website redesign is an exciting project that can affect your sales and marketing in many profitable ways. You can invest hours in choosing the right text, design, pictures and make your website a well-oiled money machine. But, if not done the right way, you might be missing out on a chance to increase your […]

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The power of the Digital Twin in the Smart Factory

20-04-2020 David Pike

The internet has revolutionized almost all aspects of daily life over the last quarter of a century.  Originally intended as a tool for scientists to share information, it rapidly became the means by which we can communicate around the world. There has been another internet revolution.  Over the last decade, there has been a new […]

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