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Parts manufacturers: can engineers and designers easily use your CAD files?

02-03-2021 Audrey Varin

Are you a parts manufacturer? Do you provide your customers and prospects with CAD models for your products? If so, you are already on the right track! But are you really aware of the quality of the CAD files that you are generating? Every year, the modeling experts at TraceParts analyze thousands of STEP files. […]

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Engineers and designers want to save time [survey]

26-02-2021 Gian Paolo Lodi

Do you know what your customers want? Would you be able to define scientifically a number of benefits that they would be particularly keen to have? If you can answer these questions, it means that you have a great head start over your competitors because while they are speculating about these things (“I think…”), you […]

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Cool New Products Newsletter for Engineers & Designers #15

25-02-2021 Krunoslav Rašić

February 2021 – A collection of Cool New products from the CAD world selected by TraceParts. 9 Technologies You Need to Know About Now – A renaissance of design is underway Fast and Safe Transport on the Factory Floor – Improved efficiency and seamless material supply First Rewireable IEC Appliance Inlet with V-Lock – The […]

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The Newsletter to The TraceParts Design Engineering Community #155

19-02-2021 Krunoslav Rašić

February 2021 – New parts catalogs available on the TraceParts CAD-content platform: Valworx, Motion Industries, ELESA, AutomationDirect, Schneider Electric. See the TraceParts Newsletter

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French manufacturing expertise showcased on the TraceParts platform with Poral’s products based on the metal powder sintering technology

17-02-2021 Audrey Varin

The CAD models for the Metafram® self-lubricating bearings can already be downloaded from the TraceParts.com platform. Saint-Romain, France; February 17, 2021 – Poral, an expert in manufacturing sintered solutions, has chosen to publish its parts on the Smart-Publishing platform from TraceParts, a world-leading supplier of 3D content for engineering. Previously known as Sintertech, Poral manufactures […]

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