Apart from providing CAD users with 2D drawings and 3D models, you can also supply them with rich product information.

CAD models contain product geometry and specific product attributes called “metadata.”  The geometry and the metadata together form a “Digital Thread” which is embedded in the CAD file and help to ensure that YOUR products are purchased once your customers’ Bills of Material (BOM) make it to purchasing.  In addition, CAD models powered by TraceParts also contain specific attributes like your part numbers, URLs and “Buy Now” links.

The Digital Thread travels with the model and points back to your websites for product specification and purchase.

Technical documents & datasheets, data tables or product descriptions, which are already available in your paper catalog or published on your website can be seamlessly integrated into the part selection process.

Starting with the component selection, designers can immediately receive all the required information to carry out their design:

  • Product images and descriptions
  • Installation instructions
  • Product-specific links to your website, including e-commerce and e-shop applications
  • Every kind of technical document for product selection, mounting or maintenance instructions

Your product data automatically transferred to the Bills Of Materials (BOM): get designed in!

TraceParts technology ensures data reusability and a standard presentation format for all information displayed via its user interface and then downloaded together with CAD models.

This means CAD users no longer need to spend hours trying to obtain additional information from other sources: they have the right product data directly into their BOM (Bills of Material), ready to be seamlessly exported to their purchasing or procurement department.