Both quick and easy to set up, this “Buy now” button can be enabled on each product datasheet published on

This call to action is strategically positioned next to the “Download” button and allows parts suppliers to attract visitors from a product datasheet published on to the page corresponding to the same part number on their e-shop / online sales site. 

How does it work?

For each parts catalog published on and equipped with this feature, the “Buy now” button can be seen by all engineers and designers visiting the product datasheets.

Professionals registered on the TraceParts platform can only access the link pointing to the page on the supplier’s e-shop once they have signed in.

Visitors are taken directly to the supplier’s e-shop.

Suppliers are completely free of the solution proposed by TraceParts and can track where traffic to their e-shop is coming from using Google Analytics.

Adding a “Buy now” button to each product datasheet offers several advantages:

  • Turbocharge traffic to e-shops: with 3.6 million unique visitors every year, TraceParts boasts one of the most active communities of engineers and designers in the world.

  • Link traceability: Google Analytics can be used to measure how many visitors are landing on the e-shop after clicking on the “Buy now” button.

  • Product purchase: even if the engineers and designers downloading the products are not yet ready to buy them, the link to the e-shop can be accessed from the CAD software once the part has been downloaded.

90% of the parts downloaded from TraceParts platform end up being purchased 

Add the "Buy now" button to my catalog