EFP Industrie publishes the CAD models of its fasteners and fixings on the TraceParts.com platform

  • Helena Tomic
  • Helena Tomic
  • 06/04/2022

Saint-Romain, France; April 6, 2022 – EFP Industrie, a French manufacturer of industrial plastic and metal components, has placed its trust in TraceParts to publish its plastic parts, including spacers, screws, nuts, washers and ribbed inserts

By publishing its CAD models, the Isère-based manufacturer is primarily looking to simplify work for engineers and designers by giving them access to the parts in its catalog in the CAD format of their choosing, so that they can incorporate them into their different 3D assembly drawings.  

Julien Bouziat, CEO of EFP Industrie, explains why his company chose the TraceParts solution:  

Whether changing a part’s height or diameter, modifying a part’s material or color, or even designing a new shape, we’re creating new parts every day.

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of TraceParts’ 3D modeling service and give designers access to all our standard parts. Now our teams can focus on developing new products.

With over 49,741 standard dimensions for plastic spacers and washers, and 40,563 standard dimensions for flanged bushes available in six different plastic materials, designers can easily find a standard part for reducing their assembly costs. 

Julien Bouziat continues:  

We chose TraceParts, because the website is recognized as a benchmark by industry professionals, meaning that we can expose our manufactured plastic parts to the widest possible audience. It also gives us a quick and easy way of delivering the drawings for our parts to a specialized target market.


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About EFP Industrie 

EFP Industrie is a French manufacturer of plastic parts, such as distance sleeves, screws, nuts, ribbed inserts and plugs.  

The company offers over 20,000 catalog part numbers with the possibility of producing bespoke parts to address a wide range of needs for fixings, finishings, decoration and protection, as well as masking products.  

EFP Industrie boasts over 53,000,000 parts in stock, which can be shipped on the same day as placing the order

EFP Industrie delivers solutions to all sectors of industry, including the railroad sector, shipbuilding, electronics, electricity and construction, as well as furniture, fit-outs and signage. 

We address the needs of both sector-leading corporations and micro-businesses/SMEs with the flexibility to offer products in large production runs as well as sales of individual items across France and the rest of the world. 

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