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And what if the secret to Industry 4.0 were…to link up supply and demand? [CASE STUDY]

25-03-2020 Ivana Majić

Once you’ve removed the super/hyper/mega/fabulous depreciation allowances applied in Italy, what’s left of the Industry 4.0 concept?  I have to admit that it isn’t easy to find in companies that long-term vision where information and the ability to derive value from it are the focal points of the development process.  I’m talking about a type of […]

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How TraceParts is helping Stratasys put its 3D printing solutions on the map

03-03-2020 Priscillia Granval

When it comes to generating new business opportunities, companies cannot escape the fact that they need to promote their products and services. This is especially true in the immature 3D printing market. It is essential to inform, educate and make prospects aware of the advantages in adopting this innovative technology. With this fact in mind, […]

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How to turn handshakes into lasting business contacts [TRADE SHOW CASE STUDY]

27-02-2020 Ivana Majić

Background: the problem with marketing at trade shows and B2B events.  Let’s be honest.  You know very well what it feels like after getting back from a trade show.  You’re absolutely bursting with ideas.  Your pockets are bulging with business cards.  You plan to send some “thank you for your visit” emails, then Monday comes…  […]

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[Interview] Marzorati chooses TraceParts 3D cataloging system to generate qualified contacts

21-02-2020 Ivana Majić

One of the interesting aspects of the job that I do is to understand the reasons for business decisions. You can delve behind the scenes into the decision-making processes, objectives and, above all, the long-term vision. When these choices then turn into an extensive revamping of business strategies, I find it useful to share the […]

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28-01-2020 Ivana Majić

When people talk about innovation, they often do so in a very abstract and non-specific way.  However, it is even rarer to find tangible examples of people who put this into practice instead of theorizing about it.  This is why, when Giorgio Bosio of Motive Srl recounted an anecdote to me on this subject, I thought that it might be […]

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