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The digital challenge facing genomic medicine

19-11-2020 Jean-François Prevéraud

Teratec held its AGM, and I was fortunate enough to meet Jean-Marc Grognet, CEO of Genopole, the first French biocluster focusing on genetics research and applied health and environmental biotechnology. In particular, he explained why and how digital technologies have carved an indispensable foothold in these fields. During Teratec’s AGM, Genopole’s CEO Jean-Marc Grognet, gave […]

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How New Standards Are Created

21-07-2020 David Pike

The industrial market is constantly evolving.  New designs and new concepts are always being introduced in order to fill a need (or a perceived need).  In a “survival of the fittest” process, some of these new products are adopted by users and others disappear, forgotten and unused. This is the concept of the Dominant Design.  […]

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Email Marketing Benchmarks in industry

22-06-2020 Audrey Varin

Have you ever wondered how the open and click rates of your email campaigns compare to those of your competitors? Do your campaigns generate enough leads? And what is the quality/price ratio of your campaigns? In short, where do you stand relative to the sector average? All these questions are perfectly legitimate. But as with […]

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Understanding The Digital Thread

04-05-2020 David Pike

It is hard to move in the industrial world today without becoming confused by the new phrases that are being used.  From Industry 4.0 to the Digital Transformation, it seems that people are talking about data and computers more than the manufacturing of products. There is a good reason for this new language.  The industrial […]

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The power of the Digital Twin in the Smart Factory

20-04-2020 David Pike

The internet has revolutionized almost all aspects of daily life over the last quarter of a century.  Originally intended as a tool for scientists to share information, it rapidly became the means by which we can communicate around the world. There has been another internet revolution.  Over the last decade, there has been a new […]

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