Manufacturers: how can you generate qualified leads when you do not have much time?

13-09-2018 Priscillia Granval

This is widespread issue among all working people, for whom the days are too short.

This inevitably means you lack time to carry out all your tasks and assignments.

When the assignment concerns generating leads for component manufacturers, the lack of time always results in a lack of efficiency and therefore an insufficient number of leads.

Despite your hectic schedule, you can still generate quality leads by doing the following:


Organize your agenda as well as possible

As a component manufacturer, you know better than anyone how to manage and organize a production schedule.

However, what is true for industrial production is also true when it comes to generating leads.

A Marketing Department carries out many tasks, which means less time can be assigned to generating leads.

So, to avoid to dividing your time into small slots and trying to move forward on every subject in the same day, it is better to separate yourself from operational tasks for half-day or even two half-days per week.

In other words, turn off your phone, close your email box and you can concentrate on your strategy for lead generation.


Automate your tasks

In order to gain time in generating leads, it can be a good idea to automate your tasks.

The tasks you can automate as regards lead generation include:

  • Scheduling your emails for several weeks or even months in advance.
  • Organizing all your posts on social networks.
  • Managing the publications of all your blog articles, and news.
  • Transmitting mature leads to your sales force.


Recruit internal resources

Could you do with a new pair of hands in your department?

If you really do not have enough time to put in place your lead-generation initiatives, it is without doubt time to add a new person to your marketing and communication department.

Recruiting a new employee is a strategic decision which can take a long time to validate.

However, do not wait too long. The right profiles are not easy to find and are often already in jobs, and even targeted by the head hunters.

When you have found the right profile, do not let him/her get away.


Call on an external service provider to generate leads

When all the avenues have been explored and do not provide the desired solution – for whatever reasons – you need to call on the services of an external provider.

As a manufacturer, to counter the lack of time you have to generate leads, there are some simple, quick solutions that can be put in place with service providers.

Among these simple, quick and effective solutions, there are 3 types of services which will help you generate leads:

You have the solutions to work around the lack of time you have for generating leads. You have to take the right decision.


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