TraceParts gives you two hours a day [if you need them]

  • Gian Paolo Lodi
  • Gian Paolo Lodi
  • 16/12/2020

I’m sure that it has also occasionally crossed your mind: “Oh, if only I had a couple of hours extra in the day to finish what I’m doing properly…”

Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, vendor or marketer, I’m sure that this thought has almost certainly entered your head every now and then.

Time is our most valuable resource. No amount of money, however large, will ever be able to generate time. Even if you work 20 hours a day, you will still need to sleep, eat, and…just live your life.

It isn’t practically possible to freeze time, but we can make it seem as if we have more hours available to us in the day by using the time we have better and making business processes more efficient.

Let me just give you an example from my own experience, where I’m often in contact with staff in technical departments where there never seems to be enough time to do anything and where there always seems to be a sense of urgency about how they manage their work.

Technical department

Whether the technical department is made up of two or fifteen people, an issue arises with time management when the department’s requirements take away resources from its main task: designing and testing.

I see designers who:

  • interrupt what they are doing to reply to phone calls/emails from customers requesting the designs for 2D/3D models in the widest variety of formats;
  • interrupt what they are doing to reply to phone calls/emails from customers who require technical information about the product performance;
  • receive quotation requests that should be forwarded to other people;
  • design standard components for their projects when they could take advantage of online libraries.

These activities lead to losses of concentration and inefficiency, and more time spent on getting back “to the job”.

Facing constant interruptions while doing your job to deal with issues that aren’t really related to your role has a huge impact on productivity.

Even if we’re only talking about half an hour a day (in the best-case scenario) multiplied by all the people involved in a company, that’s an absolute disaster!

TraceParts allows you to equip yourself with an online catalog featuring your products, which means that a lot of the activities that cause inefficiency are assigned to it.

Make your products available 24/7 in 25 languages and in more than 60 different formats. Instruct potential customers in how to download and test your solutions in the most convenient format for them, making their life easier.

And just let the engineers get on with designing.

Connect your CAD files to project datasheets

Instruct potential customers in how to find all the information they are looking for BEFOREHAND so that they only call when they really need to.

And just let the engineers get on with designing.

Connect your 2D/3D CAD files to quotation request forms.

Instruct potential customers in how to select the product that they are interested in and send the pre-compiled forms to the designated person in the company.

And just let the engineers get on with designing.

Delegating everything that doesn’t require any direct human input to an online catalog will increase the company’s productivity exponentially as it will let people focus on doing the tasks that they are paid for.

In addition, being part of a base of 4.1 million profiled users worldwide is just another benefit of the system.

Gian Paolo Lodi
About the Author

My name is Gian Paolo Lodi and I work as a consultant for TraceParts Srl.

It has been several years now that I have been communicating with companies and entrepreneurs in the mechatronics sector on a daily basis.

Therefore, I am familiar with the needs and problems that sometimes prompt them to take major risks in an effort to sharpen their competitive edge in the national and international market.

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