Component manufacturers: why can’t your customers find you on the Internet?

The Internet is a crucial communication tool today. It allows you to increase your visibility and sales by publishing your component catalogs, products and services online. Has this not worked for you? Does no-one visit your website? Don’t you have any requests for quotes or more information? You probably need to fine-tune a few things to take full advantage of your online presence.


Potential customers don’t find your content interesting

It may be hard to accept, but the content of your site does not interest your potential customers. Why?

It is simple, you are only aiming your content at specialists. In a highly technical environment such as yours, you might argue that is normal.

If your customers can’t find you on the Internet, you are probably one of the many manufacturers that solely talk about their components on their website.

It’s true that your customers are interested in your components. But not only that.

Purchasers also use the Internet to understand how they can use components, or improve the way they use them. They use the web to gather information to help them decide which is the best solution for their requirement.

If you do not propose content that meets their expectations – and the points they are interested in -, purchasers will never find you on the Internet.


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Your website is not optimized

Whether your website is old or has just been redesigned, your website must be optimized in terms referencing (SEO).

If you want your customers to find you on the Internet, you must pay attention to the details that can affect the performance of your website.

To be well referenced on the Internet (and therefore visible to your customers), you must:

  • Use the right key words;
  • Optimize the structure of your website;
  • Have links from other sites to yours;

Without these 3 ingredients, you will not be able to position your website among the top results provided by search engines.


You have no active presence on social networks

With more than 2 billion Facebook accounts registered in the world, your customers are undoubtedly present on the platform.

Ok, so maybe they do not like Facebook. Let’s say it’s true.

Although Facebook has the biggest audience, Twitter generates the most publications and Instagram has the highest levels of user engagement.

Let’s look at some figures: in 2017, 80% of leads generated on social networks came from LinkedIn

If you do not have an active presence on social networks, you are certainly missing out on many opportunities to get noticed… and your customers will not find you on the Internet.


Your competitors are ahead of you!

The first place is already taken. Someone else has the top ranked site; the position that all manufacturers seek to have.

It may be occupied by your greatest competitor, or even the smallest; it doesn’t matter.

Being the number 1 component manufacturer in your sector on Google; now that is a great objective.

More than 90% of Internet users only look at the first page of results on Google.

If your potential customers are not visiting your website, it is without doubt because they have found what they were looking for on your competitor’s site, which is ranked better in the search results.


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