Why should you trust TraceParts to generate your leads?

When you are looking to generate qualified leads, it is often a wise choice to enlist the services of a specialized provider.

An expert in generating leads can support you with your strategy and help you define the right tools to achieve your objectives.

The important thing is choosing the right provider that you are going to work with, namely one who will understand your problems, needs and objectives, and who will obviously have the target market that you are looking to reach out to!

That is why you can trust TraceParts to generate your quality leads.


1. TraceParts has a solid track record in generating B2B leads

For over 10 years, TraceParts has been helping B2B industrial marketing professionals generate new business opportunities. Our company has extensive experience in marketing and best practices when it comes to email campaigns, deliverability and creating HTML files or banners.

A team of experts is focused on launching email campaigns, sending out newsletters and publishing banner ads. They are attuned to our customers’ needs and always ready to advise and guide them in making the right strategic choices in line with their requirements.


2. Several strategies available to marketing professionals

TraceParts has implemented a number of strategies that marketing professionals can use according to their prospects’ level of maturity.

Feel free to check out the infographic on the customers purchasing process and you will see which strategies correspond to each stage.

Download the infographic on the purchasing process

A. Email marketing

Email marketing continues to be the most widely used and effective strategy for generating new business opportunities. TraceParts allows marketing professionals targeting industrial engineers and designers to send out email campaigns using a database of over 900,000 opt-in addresses around the world.

These addresses are regularly cleaned, and the database is kept up-to-date to guarantee our customers nothing but the highest quality.

The team of experts responsible for sending out email campaigns is in constant contact with our customers, from defining the campaign through to rollout. Following the campaign, our experts provide a statistical report on the campaign’s performance.

Visit the page on email marketing to find out more

Aurélie Hongre, Marketing Manager at Protolabs, is using our digital marketing services to spread the word about her products and services:

We are extremely satisfied with TraceParts’ services and the quality of their contacts.

You can see our customer testimonials in this section

B. Banner ads

The TraceParts CAD-content platform contains advertising space for making your company directly visible when engineers and designers are viewing CAD parts.

Several characteristics are available for selecting how to best display your banner, the target market, the frequency, and so on. Feel free to visit the dedicated page to find out more.

Your company can also be visible directly on the TraceParts homepage! With the Premium banner, your message will be displayed on one of the website’s most visited pages!

Premium Banner on the TraceParts CAD Content Platform

To find out more about this special space, head this way.

C. TraceParts’ theme-based newsletters

TraceParts has developed theme-based and specialized newsletters tailored to your audience’s centers of interest.

Our aim is to create value for our community of engineers and designers, as well as provide marketing professionals with the right tools to effectively reach out to their target market.

Thanks to these communications, you can boost your brand awareness and generate new business opportunities.

Everything is explained here.

D. Personalized competitions

This strategy provides a fun and original way of generating leads.

The aim is to organize a competition with TraceParts using our database.  As part of the competition, we will set up an email campaign, publish a banner, create a press release and promote the event over the social networks.

For more information, visit the competition page!

E. Packs

TraceParts has set up a number of packs to address the different objectives that you might have according to your budget.

Email campaign, guaranteed number of leads, email marketing + banners, or banners + guaranteed number of leads… the choice is yours!

Digital Marketing Packs


3. TraceParts knows your audience!

Our CAD content platform has been designed for engineers and consultancy designers who need CAD models for their design projects. Our website is a real work tool for this community, since it saves invaluable time.

We take great pride in knowing their habits, desires and needs to offer high-quality content every day, so that they will continue viewing our website and downloading the hundreds of millions of listed models.

The quality of this audience is what guarantees the success of both our company and the manufacturing customers displaying their catalogs on our platform, as well as all marketing professionals who generate leads by communicating to this target market.

We regularly examine our audience to build up an extensive profile and offer you a personalized, high-quality service that will enable you to accurately target the users to whom you want to communicate.

Do not hesitate to ask for a free audit with one of our digital marketing experts. Together, you will see which strategies are the most relevant for achieving your objectives.

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TraceParts is one of the world’s leading CAD-content platforms for Engineering, Industrial Equipment and Machine Design. TraceParts brings highly targeted Lead Generation marketing services to hundreds of customers of all sizes and from all industries, via powerful cloud-based API and SaaS applications such as 3D part libraries, product catalogs and configurators.

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