Green Pin is using its lifting equipment CAD model catalog on TraceParts as a valuable marketing tool

Saint-Romain, France; December 13, 2021 – Green Pin is the leading manufacturer of premium quality lifting, lashing and mooring fittings. Eight years of running their CAD content catalog on TraceParts CAD content platform helped them to broader their reach within the industry.

Many of Green Pin’s products are within the below-the-hook product range, or simply, attached to the crane hook. There are about ten different product groups they manufacture and showcase on, from which the main products are shackles. The product range includes wire rope and chain accessories, mainly used in general industries (manufacturing and distribution centers).

Lifting, lashing and towing are activities preformed in many industries, from which Green Pin is the most active in oil, gas and renewable energy industry (for example, offshore and onshore wind industry), but also mining and the general construction industry.

One of their newest products are ROV hooks, in addition to their offer of ROV shackles. ROVs are remotely operated vehicles used under water. In the example of mooring of an oil platform, robots are used sub-sea to navigate the process, and they need a specific function on the hook to be able to operate it. Green Pin already placed two of these hooks to the market.


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In the oil and gas industries, Green Pin’s products are often used in large projects, in which engineers are involved. Having their CAD models available online has helped them achieve great positioning within the industry:

Engineers are calculating all the forces and materials that are needed for a specific lift. If they will use our CAD drawing (for example, place our shackle in the drawing), that’s quite a strong positioning of our brand and products. Through the TraceParts, a lot of engineers have access to our CAD files, and they include it in their drawings. And when the product needs to be purchased – we are already on that drawing,

stated Roan Retera, General Sales & Marketing Manager from Green Pin.

Green Pin’s story is a live example of how providing the CAD models could have a significant impact on achieving greater business goals. R. Retera explained the benefits gained from this choice:

For our distributors and end-users, the way our CAD drawings are presented through the TraceParts is very convenient thanks to all available formats. For us, to have all our CAD models easily accessible and visible on our website (sourced from TraceParts) is extremely valuable. It’s always up to date, people have an easy way of finding the CAD drawings and downloading it, and our reach between the end-users and engineers is therefore much greater. That’s why we’ve used it for many years now and it’s really an important part of our marketing.”

Green Pin’s product range is available on through their Green Pin® catalog of lifting accessories for steel wire rope and synthetic rope, and their CAD models can be downloaded in over 70 different formats.

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