TraceParts can turn your existing CAD models into virtually any format.
Just send us your 3D files and product data and we’ll do the rest!

The big plus for your customers is that not only do they get true-to-scale CAD models, but they also receive a great deal of additional design-related product information.



Parametric modeling

Time-saving parametric modeling

Similarities within a product family have been made much more efficient thanks to designing one parametric master model to suit every sizes. The major benefit from this approach is that once data have been created they can be flexibly adapted.


Smart modeling for greater flexibility  




Built-in product information

Built-in product information

Apart from providing CAD users with 2D drawings and 3D models, you can also supply them with rich product information to be seamlessly inserted directly into their BOM (Bill of Materials).


Get designed in!  





Native CAD formats

Unlimited CAD compatibility

Catalogs powered by TraceParts exclusive technology offer multi-CAD & native compatible models that can be integrated into virtually any of the CAD systems used by your customers.


In this multi-CAD world, we’ve got you covered  





Ownership of 3D CAD Data

Retain ownership of your 3D CAD data

At TraceParts, we want our customers to retain complete ownership of their content for the duration of their contract and even if they stop using our services.


Retain ownership of your 3D CAD data

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