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5 questions to ask when modelling components in 3D

12-09-2018 Audrey Varin

You do not need to go through the process of modelling components if you already have 3D models of your products at your disposal. The big advantage of modelling your products in 3D is that your customers not only get CAD models to scale but also a large quantity of additional information about the products […]

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SPINEA teams up with TraceParts to promote its product portfolio

05-09-2018 Audrey Varin

SPINEA publishes CAD drawings of its high precision reduction gears, actuators and rotary modules online ST. ROMAIN, FRANCE, September 5th, 2018 – SPINEA, a global manufacturer of high-precision reduction gears, has chosen to partner with TraceParts to publish 3D models and dimensional drawings of its products on traceparts.com. The CAD portal features over 100 million downloadable CAD […]

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Living in a GDPR world

03-09-2018 Carmen Tourres

Whatever good or bad may come from the GDPR law, one thing is for sure- it’s here to stay, so we better find ways of co-living with it’s strict privacy policy. GPDR has forced marketers to rethink data collecting and user privacy. Yet it is precisely this information that helps marketers achieve better performance using […]

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Content design from the point of view of Whole Brain® Thinking

27-08-2018 Andrea Scheibl

How can you motivate your potential customers to actively get in touch with you? Content marketing has become an integral part of our digital world. The initial phase of your customers’ journey is increasingly characterized by researching the web and social networks for suitable providers and products and requesting recommendations from them. The first phase […]

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The 3 main things designers expect from manufacturers

17-08-2018 Audrey Varin

Engineers and designers perform many different tasks and assignments, including creating the design, drafting the specifications, carrying out simulations and making the prototype. As such, they cannot devote much time to looking for components during the design phase of their projects. Design professionals want to save time and be more productive. It is crucial for […]

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