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Industrial parts suppliers: the challenges of digital transformation

08-07-2019 Audrey Varin

A growing number of professionals buying industrial products are currently steering clear of the major retailers and instead sourcing their products straight over the internet from specialized portals combining the market’s offerings into online catalogs. The rise in these new digital applications is prompting companies in the sector to bring a multichannel dimension to their […]

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Why should industrial marketing experts keep a close eye on trends with regards to their cost per lead strategy?

21-06-2019 Audrey Varin

In what has become a highly competitive business environment, content marketing has taken hold as an essential communication strategy for any company wishing to highlight and showcase its brand. Nevertheless, putting such a strategy into practice may prove to be a complicated process. For instance, 61% of B2B marketers believe that generating qualified leads represents […]

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Digital Customer Experience for Engineers

18-06-2019 David Pike

The digital world has become such a central feature of modern business that it is hard to envisage a time without it.  But the digital environment continues to evolve and develop.  As customers turn to this digital world as their primary channel of business, suppliers who do not embrace new technology will be left behind. […]

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Five reasons why parts suppliers provide online access to their products’ CAD models

13-06-2019 Audrey Varin

Parts suppliers are sitting on a gold mine. Professional designers covet information about product dimensions and specs. Nowadays, engineers and designers scour the web in search of 3D models for the standard products that they need for the projects they are working on at any given time. This prevents them from having to redraw the […]

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Making Complicated Decisions Easier with Online Configurators

03-06-2019 David Pike

Connectors are complicated things. They are amongst the most difficult components for an engineer to select, simply because they are available in such a huge array of variations. This is the natural result of the different tasks that connectors are asked to perform in some of the most demanding environments on earth. The customer faced […]

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