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Understanding The Digital Thread

04-05-2020 David Pike

It is hard to move in the industrial world today without becoming confused by the new phrases that are being used.  From Industry 4.0 to the Digital Transformation, it seems that people are talking about data and computers more than the manufacturing of products. There is a good reason for this new language.  The industrial […]

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The power of the Digital Twin in the Smart Factory

20-04-2020 David Pike

The internet has revolutionized almost all aspects of daily life over the last quarter of a century.  Originally intended as a tool for scientists to share information, it rapidly became the means by which we can communicate around the world. There has been another internet revolution.  Over the last decade, there has been a new […]

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How can TraceParts help you reach out to your customers around the world?

16-04-2020 Audrey Varin

Are you looking to reach out to more customers? Fancy extending your audience to countries that are still outside your company’s radar? You probably think that I am going to use this article to talk about such solutions as email campaigns, banners and theme-based newsletters. Well, they can certainly help broaden your target market, but […]

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Understanding ECAD and MCAD

13-04-2020 David Pike

Computer-Aided Design, shortened to CAD, is a powerful tool that engineers often take for granted. Modern CAD systems are powerful enough to handle many of the basic functions that engineers of previous generations had to conduct with paper and slide rules. However, there is still a divide between the electrical and mechanical phases of design, […]

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Is there a salesperson around that speaks 25 languages and works 24/7? I’ve found one

17-03-2020 Ivana Majić

In the world of sales, human qualities make a difference.  Whether you’re selling electric motors, valves, sensors or any other mechanical/electronic component, the company’s internal human resources are the foundation of many successful companies.  They achieve this thanks to their expertise, awareness, and ability to understand the customer’s requirements.  I want to present this premise to you for […]

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