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How to generate leads using your component catalog

11-01-2019 Audrey Varin

Do your salespeople find it increasingly difficult to find new buyers? Buyer behavior and expectations in industry have changed dramatically over recent years. So, to find new customers in industry you need to start by modernizing your marketing and sales strategy.   What is a good lead? A good lead is someone who has shown […]

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Create Relevant Content for Industrial Buyers

10-01-2019 Audrey Varin

As a parts manufacturer, probably one of your biggest challenges is creating relevant content to engage with industrial buyers. You are not alone if you are facing this problem in manufacturing content marketing. 68% of manufacturing marketers reported their top challenge was “Creating content that appeals to multi-level roles within the target audience(s).” (Source: Manufacturing […]

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How to publish components online as a manufacturer

27-12-2018 Audrey Varin

BtoB e-commerce is a key challenge for the industry of the future. If your industrial components are not yet available on your website or through an e-shop, you are losing a lot of visibility on the market and the more time passes, the more you will lose! According to a study conducted by the Federation […]

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The advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps for industrial component suppliers

21-12-2018 Audrey Varin

It is now a simple fact that more people access the web via a mobile device than via a computer. Today, it is therefore essential – for both you and your customers – that your catalog of 3D components can be accessed via a smartphone or a tablet.   Our mobile application makes life easier […]

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4 ways to modernize your marketing strategy for the launch of your component catalog

17-12-2018 Audrey Varin

Buyers’ behavior and expectations have changed dramatically. As a component supplier, it is crucial that you modernize your communication and marketing strategy. Here are the 4 ways to help you modernize it successfully.   Traditional marketing is no longer adequate Internet and new technologies have revolutionized buyer behavior and your customers’ needs. Firstly, buyers have […]

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