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What made you decide to look into Digital Marketing?  
Digital is trending and our audience’ behaviours have shifted to doing much more of their own research. Furthermore, the pandemic accelerated Digital Marketing activities as lockdowns prevented more traditional activities like physical events to take place.  

What objectives do you want to achieve with your marketing projects?  
We want to market our solutions to various industries in multiple languages across many countries. Our main objectives are to generate new contacts while increasing brand awareness.  

What finally made you choose TraceParts? Which factor swung the balance?  
With TraceParts, we found a database that matches our market segments and personas globally.  

Could you quickly describe the projects you have worked on with us?  
We have worked on several multi-touch asset promotions in multiple languages in different countries around the globe.  We have tested various opportunities with TraceParts including email marketing, newsletter advertising and banner ads and seen good results from all. We also strive to try and test new initiatives to help optimise results and ROI.  

What kind of results have you obtained on your projects with TraceParts?  
We have seen above average email opens, click-throughs, and reengagement. 

Is there anything you would like to add?  
On the front end, the TraceParts team have our best interest in mind, so we get maximum ROI. On the back end, the support teams understand what we are doing and are really easy to work with. 

Russel Brook

Russell Brook,
EMEA Marketing Director, Siemens Digital Industries Software 

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Other testimonials

Superior Sensor Technology

"Service quality is very good. The team is very professional, and the materials provided are excellent. The newsletters and email blasts were of the highest quality."

Anthony Gioeli, Vice President of Marketing at Superior Sensor Technology

“TraceParts was one of the top three performers, out of a total of 10 different players”

Sandro Santi, Go-to-Market strategist 2goLIVE Srl

"With TraceParts we have found a reliable partner for our online marketing campaigns. The guidance and realisation of the campaigns has always been very professional. The performance of the campaigns themselves always fulfilled our expectations so we surely will keep on working with TraceParts as a competent partner in terms of online marketing."

Axel Weber, Marketing Manager Ganter Griff