A 3D cataloging service with countless benefits for Amphenol Socapex

This solution has allowed us to enhance the quality of service for our customers and prospects, while boosting our response speed by offering instant 3D models.

Guillaume Montessuit, Product Manager at Amphenol Socapex
Remke Industries Partners with TraceParts for Digital Customer Experience & HubSpot Integrated Sales Lead Machine

TraceParts hat uns dabei unterstützt, bereits vorhandene digitale Bestände zu nutzen, um unsere Ziele zu erreichen. Das Webteam von Remke implementierte den 3D-Viewer von TraceParts EasyLink und die CAD-Download-Funktionen. Auf diese Weise konnten wir unseren Kundensupport entlasten, da unsere Kunden die CAD-Dateien von Remke von nun an rund um die Uhr selbstständig auf der Website suchen und herunterladen können.

Jim Lillig, Digital Marketing Director.
Siemens relies on native CAD formats from TraceParts

The situation is that customers need our product data during different process steps, e.g. as a 3D model in layout planning, as an electrical symbol in current flow diagrams, or in the ERP system with the commercial and technical data, continues Schulz.

Marcel Schulz, Business Developer for Digital Engineering at Siemens in Fürth, Germany.
To RS Components TraceParts means loyal customers

On the recommendations of many suppliers and customers, we choose TraceParts to consolidate the existing 3D catalogs, to create catalogs for vendors joining the program, ant to publish them on our websites, on TraceParts.com, and the entire TraceParts Network.

Winkel and TraceParts partner together to offer high-end online product configuration and CAD download

Winkel provides the CAD geometry to TraceParts, along with all the information required to configure relevant models. “We convert this data to a configurable CAD model, add all the necessary information in the form of rules, formulas or table accesses, thereby making the mechanism configurable online.

A dynamic library to help in installing new generation material

TraceParts was able to demonstrate the superiority of its techniques in comparison to other companies that were consulted to simplify and provide models in the largest variety of CAD formats imaginable. Their team worked with our classic catalogs and our 3D models. Less than 6 months after beginning the actual project, nearly 8,000 items had been treated and put online.

Patrick Coulpin, Marketing Manager at VIM
My TraceParts keeps seals tight

It quickly became very clear to us that we needed to respond to the market’s obvious demand so that we could continue to offer our customers the best possible service. So, early 2003, we began looking for a partner that could help us to produce an online CAD catalog.

Ingrid Wiedemann, Technical Documentation Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions
Siam Ringspann and TraceParts: Shared values of innovation and service

Like Siam, TraceParts knows how to innovate and we share the same values concerning service provided to the client, the same enthusiasm in our respective specialties. These are a good basis for a long-term partnership.

Françoise Pfister, CEO of Siam Ringspann France
Seeger-Orbis: The “Lord of the Rings” and TraceParts

TraceParts allows us to make available our products “on the fly” in a variety of CAD formats to our customers via our own website. We have also found a measurable additional sales multiplier effect for our products through their publication on traceparts.com and its highly qualified audience.

Jörg Eberhard, International Marketing, Key Account & Business Development Manager
Schneider Electric cad files are available in the TraceParts.com Parts Library

Our decision was based above all on technical criteria. TraceParts was the only supplier covering all the main market standards and formats. In addition, the quality of its catalogs and resulting success with CAD/CAM customers made it a vital partner.

François Janvier, heads the Data Project for the Technical Communication department
Greater efficiency and enhanced customer service thanks to TraceParts CAD download service

You could say that with the CAD download service we’re in a win-win situation. Our customers are benefiting from shorter design times and so can cut their product development costs. On the other side, we’ve been able to reduce our internal process costs and expand our market position through enhanced customer service.

Hartmut Schlee, eBusiness Manager at J. Schmalz GmbH
A good handle on everything with TraceParts

With an online catalog we want to be able to offer designers, developers and also students the possibility of using our CAD data for their projects. Especially the students require enough material to be able to experiment with the different software solutions

Carsten Hennig from the company management of Rohde AG
PINET: “TraceParts has become a key component in our communication strategy”

In the beginning, one of our main thoughts was the extra service that we could give customers by offering 3D parts libraries, since they were increasingly using CAD software and often had to work our parts into their assemblies.

Pierre Emmanuel Bernard, Chief Marketing Officer at PINET
“TraceParts responds to our quality requirements and makes our products more visible”

An internal development would have caused us to make compromises, specifically on the proposed CAD formats. This orientation would have penalized some users of our components and would have been contrary to our tradition of offering the best service to our clients. This work went largely beyond the framework of our profession.

Damien Cardon-Dubois, Technical Director for Norelem France
Mecalectro extends its reputation and its international customer base thanks to TraceParts

We weren’t able to provide our 3D models in all the formats being requested. We therefore approached TraceParts, which already had a good reputation among our customers.

Philippe Maire, sales manager
L’ETOILE increases its footprint with TraceParts

Their offer came at just the right moment. More and more of our customers were asking for 3D models in various CAD formats. At the time, we only had hardcopy catalogs and an out-of-date website. As such, we were interested in what they could bring us in terms of both technology and marketing expertise.

Philippe Drumel, Sales Director
LEMO stays connected to design firms around the world with TraceParts

As such, we benefit from the foothold that TraceParts had gained in design firms around the world, allowing us to address specific regions and markets.

Serge Buechli, Product Manager at LEMO
« We must have quality in our on-line components too »

What we really appreciate about TraceParts is their ability to meet our quality demands and that it is a truly long-term partner. Since we introduced the service, product sales have been growing regularly. This helps us to foster customer loyalty and win new business.

Patrice SALEM, Marketing Support Manager
A CAD Library for better visibility and anticipating customer needs

The implementation time was exactly the same as what had been previously announced. We had set priorities for the initial parts, in this case about thirty products offered in 5 sizes. Beyond mastering the deadlines, we appreciated the great reliability of the models that were generated.

Jean-Paul Coron, CEO of Kinetic Systems
Global success thanks to Internet-based CAD library

We weren’t just going to rely on potential customers stumbling across INA by chance on the Internet. But the chances are good of someone accessing INA’s website via the TraceParts CAD content platform; so, we’ve found the ideal marketing multiplier in TraceParts.

Norbert Winkler, Vice President Supply Chain Management Industrial Aftermarket Schaeffler KG
igus relies on smart solution from TraceParts and KiM

We feel that we’re getting a good service that runs smoothly, and they are always open to new ideas from us.

Joschi Rohe, Head of Electronic Media at igus
Ganter and TraceParts : long-term partnership looking to the 3D

A very effective tool for specifically positioning and promoting our catalog and products.

Axel Weber, Marketing manager
FACOM offers a new key to productivity

We had already used CAD to sketch some tools before Facom put the TraceParts library online. It will save time for modeling and enable us to provide a list of references to our customers. We recently simulated maintenance operations for a dual-engine 100-seat airplane. The engines contained many parts within a very confined area. We were able to supply our customer with a “Toolbox” that includes a list of recommended tools, including several specific tools. Our customer was impressed by this service!

Hervé GOMAS, Manager for Marketing and R&D
“We could not do without TraceParts”

Many companies in our market sectors select their components from TraceParts, Europe's number one. This is especially true of our key accounts in the automotive and aerospace industries. It was important to give them access to our catalogs through that particular channel.

Didier Maurin, CEO
“We owe a lot to TraceParts for our growth”

Since we were evaluating the investment only in terms of supplying CAD models, the financial effort seemed very high and we hesitated for a long time, especially since part of our catalogs are made up of parts manufactured by third parties. The sales and technical teams at TraceParts were finally able to convince us and we do not regret it at all, because the benefits largely surpass the simple service offered to our customers.

Marcel Dubois, General Manager for CSR